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Written by David Walsh   
Thursday, 20 May 2010 13:54

Kish Lighthouse

O390-311 No Sheet (50)

The Kish is located 12km E of Bullock Harbour. The Kish sits on a man-made base. The height of the tower is 29 metres. Kish flashes twice every 30 seconds, as does its horn, its range is 28nm. Kish has a 10 metre helicopter landing platform. There are strong currents off the Beaufort Bank and the Kish.


Tidal flow changes direction Dublin -0130.


One should depart in order to reach the Kish at slack water. There are two ladders, one on the E side and one on the W side. These are easily climbed at slack water. If the lighthouse keeper is there, normally when maintenance is being carried out, he will more than likely come out to greet you. If work permits, he will give you a tour of the light house.

In fog keep an eye out for the South Burford mark.

Ferries and fishing vessels pose a danger, so know the times of the ferries before departing. Remember that the ferry must go north of the Kish bank and south of the Burford bank

Special interest

Storm petrels and porpoises.


A light ship was first used in 1811. In foggy weather a gong was sounded but when the Holyhead Packet ship was expected an 18 pounder gun was fired. In 1954 the first of the all electric light vessels - Gannet - was placed on the station. In November 1965 the Kish Light-vessel was withdrawn and replaced by the Kish lighthouse.

Round Trip for a kayak - 3.5 to 4 hours

Text reproduced from Oileáin by kind permission of the author, David Walsh. Text was extracted from Oileáin (online edition) on 4th May 2010.

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