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Written by Phil Clegg   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 09:00

When a sea kayak is towards the bottom of a wave its stern is lifted by the wave and its bow weighted, making it act as a displacement hull. Like all displacement hulls, from dinghies to destroyers, it will turn in the opposite direction to which it is edged. When sitting up on the face of a wave the weight is taken off the bow and put onto the mid section of the hull which is flatter and planes. Like all planning hulls, such as surf boards, it will turn in the same direction to which it is edged. In practice it isn’t usually as clear cut as this as both effects can be trying to happen at the same time. If in doubt edge into the turn to more effectively use the paddle.


Mid section weighted, acting as a planning hull.


Text and pictures reproduced by kind permission of the author and copyright holder, Phil Clegg of Sea Kayaking Anglesey.