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Written by Julian Haines   
Friday, 10 September 2010 11:25

If there's a picture in the gallery that you'd like to show in an article or forum posting, it's easy to do so by inserting a special tag into the text of your article or posting. This article shows you how to do it, along with an example of the results. Note that if the picture that you want to insert is not already in the gallery, you'll need to upload it first.


  1. First log-in to the website.
  2. Using the gallery, navigate to the picture that you'd like to insert in your article or forum posting.
  3. Look at the URL in the address bar of you browser. It should look something like this:
  4. Make a note of the picture ID contained near the end of this address. It's the number immediately after the last slash, in this case 10.
  5. In the text of your article or forum posting, type the following tag, replacing xx with the picture ID that you've just noted.

{jwpics xx}

or, in this specific example,

{jwpics 10}

Once you've submitted your article or forum posting, the tag will be replaced on viewing by the specified picture.

Need more control?

It is possible to specify multiple pictures to be inserted using a single tag and to control the number of columns in the grid used to lay-out the pictures in the article. You can also specify what happens when a user clicks on one of the pictures. To do this the tag syntax is modified as following:

{jwpics OPT1;OPT2;OPT3}

OPT1: A comma-separated list of picture IDs to display, eg. 6,8,9,10
OPT2: The number of columns in which to arrange the pictures. Optional - default 3.
OPT3: Action on clicking the picture. Single picture view (0) or lightbox sequence (1). Optional - default 1.


This grid of 4 pictures from the gallery is generated by this one tag: {jwpics 6,8,9,10;2;1}. If you double-click any of the pictures, they're enlarged into a "lightbox" with pop-up next/previous buttons to view the others when the mouse hovers over the picture.

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